3 Easy Ways To Tone Your Booty In Day To Day Life

3 Easy Ways To Tone Your Booty In Day To Day Life


During day-to-day activities we can actually tone and lift our booty (of course other than getting help from Coco Cooper jeans), without breaking a sweat. Winning!

Here are 3 easy ways to tone your booty every day:

1. Tooth Fairy Squats:

The average time spent brushing our teeth each time we clean is approximately two minutes, which equals to four minutes a day. Get down and pop a squat, whether it be a wall sit for the duration or hit at least 30 squats whilst brushing, remembering to squeeze your glutes at the top. Twice daily and you'll have a perky peach in no time.


2. The Office Booty:

Working at a desk all day may mean for some of us that our muscles are inactive for around 9 hours of the day. Try clenching your glutes for twenty seconds on, rest for ten seconds. Repeat twice to activate your booty.


3. The Grocery Stride: 

Carrying shopping from the car to the house, extend your strides and lunge! You will start to feel your booty popping!!


If you have any day-to-day hacks in how to work the booty, drop a comment below and we will feature your answer on our Instagram story.

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