6 Easy Ways To Dress Up Jeans

6 Easy Ways To Dress Up Jeans

So girls, you've finally got your hands on a pair of Coco Cooper jeans and they're starting to get a bit 'lived in' - with exceptional quality, comfort and fit, there's no wonder that you can't seem to take them off. They fit like a dream and they make you feel like a million dollars, but what is suitable for the day time isn't always the best option for the night time, right? Well, we think that you can rock your jeans at any time of the day. A few simple style tips can see your denim from the office to date night effortlessly... here are our favorite 6 easy ways to dress up jeans.

Upgrade Your Jacket

It might be comfy to wear a simple cardi when you're out running errands or sat at your desk for the day, but when it comes to going from casual daytime cool to effortlessly glam, the easiest way to dress up jeans is add an eye-catching blazer or jacket. What's great about this update is that it can be tailored to suit your personality – if you're a fan of understated elegance, opt for a beautifully tailored, simple jacket. If you have more of an ostentatious streak, add a jacket with some embroidery or a quirky shoulder. Adding layers are perfect for the dropping temperatures as well!

Add Heels

This is a no-brainer and probably the most obvious thing you can do to dress up jeans. You have a lot of room to play here as your jeans are a blank canvas for you to accessorize – you can choose a pair of heels in any color or fabric and chances are they'll instantly update your look.

The beauty of skinny jeans is they showcase your footwear of choice, anything will work from a simple chic black strappy heel to a wild pop of color or print. For flares, add platforms and you're good to go.

Get Shirty

There's a timeless sophistication that a shirt offers that can be used to dress up jeans. Opt for a luxurious fabric or a classic crisp white shirt instead of a t-shirt and you'll be cocktail ready in minutes. A high collared, button up shirt over a boxy pair of boyfriend jeans lends an outfit just the right amount of contrast for it to work.

Go Thigh High

Thigh high boots are still bang on trend for this fall, and as daunting as wearing a pair might be, over the top of a classic pair of skinny jeans and paired with a blazer, they're surprisingly wearable. Don't think they're just for the Gisele Bündchens of the world, you'll look amazing.

Look For On Top Luxury

Much like a shirt adds something to an outfit, simply changing your top will work wonders. As jeans never go out of style, changing your top to something very of the moment is a great way to dress up jeans without you having to really do much. Erdem showcased romantic ruffles and chiffon this season at London Fashion Week, adding an intricate and luxurious fabric on the top half of your outfit will dress up jeans instantly.

Make a Statement With Jewelry

If these seasons fashion weeks are anything to go by, statement jewelry is as popular with designers now as it ever was. And you know, if it's good enough for them...

Not only is statement jewelry easy enough to chuck on after a long days work, it time and time again proves to be a conversation starter. A well-placed brooch, a few bright bracelets or one hell of a pair of earrings will polish and refine any outfit.

This isn't just for fashion peacocks through, a simple pendant in an unusual shape is sometimes just as effective as something more bold.


Updating a pair of jeans for the night time, for a date or for play rather than work doesn't need to be complicated. There are so many easy ways to dress up jeans and with a few added extras and the right attention to detail you can dress up denim with items you already have in your closet. Social media is awash with inspiration on how to put together a look that will suit you, and ultimately, however you decide to wear your jeans – nothing says glamorous more than loving the skin you're in.

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