How and Why To Buy Denim From A Designer Jeans Brand

How and Why To Buy Denim From A Designer Jeans Brand

How and Why To Buy Denim From A Designer Jeans Brand

For most of us, jeans are a staple in our wardrobes that take us from doing the shopping to a night out seamlessly. Jeans should fit like a second skin, but shopping for denim, or even finding a brand that caters to 'normal', beautifully curvy women is rarely a fuss-free experience, here at Coco Cooper, we aim to change that.

The importance of investing in an exquisitely crafted and well-fitting pair of jeans is paramount, and if you're wearing your jeans on a day to day basis, why not spend more to ensure they'll last longer and fit better?

It's certainly understandable to be a little hesitant before making a large purchase with a designer jeans brand, but really, a good pair of jeans lasts years and gives you the best quality blank canvas for you to be able to build your look on. Spending the extra cash on a really good piece of denim seems well worth it, but what do you need to look for in the designer jean brand before splashing out? We've put together what you need to know about buying designer denim...

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Consider your personal style.

Is it trendy? Minimal? Do you wear a lot of black or bright yellow? You'll need to pick something that is a classic for you – bootcut jeans may be a staple in some women's wardrobes, but if you've never been seen out of skinny jeans, don't buy them just because you think that they're the staple you should be looking for. Pick something that you can see yourself wearing in several years time, and that goes with what you already have. That way, you can ensure the money is well invested in something you'll always treasure.

Ensure they fit. 

We know, obvious right? But trying to squeeze yourself into a jeans size too small for vanity reasons is wrong on so many levels. If you have to go up a size so they fit better, who cares? Sizes are just numbers -  get the right fit, wear them and feel fabulous. End of Story.

Consider your body shape.

Hourglass figures will look amazing in a straight or wide leg jean to balance the body. Curvy ladies can rock a dark color with a faded line running down the center of the leg, whilst pear girls might want to opt for a flare. It's always up to you what cut you chose, and there's nothing to say a curvy lady can't wear white jeans, it's more about what you're comfortable in – we're not here to tell a pear shaped girl she shouldn't wear skinnies.

Go for measurements rather than size. 

 If you're ordering online, check the websites measurement chart. Sizes vary so much from brand to brand, the only way you're going to get a pair of jeans that fit properly so you can keep them for years is to get that measuring tape out.

designer jeans brand - coco cooper denim

Jeans look great no matter what – getting a pair that has been designed with your body type in mind is a smart move and we've designed our jeans with hips, bums and thighs all in mind. The added little stretch of our fabric allows comfort throughout the entire day meaning no more sore red marks from stiff waistbands and no more longing for your yoga pants. Once you have your jeans, they really are yours to make your own – you can stamp as much or as little personality on them as you wish.

For work, wear with smart heels and a blazer, or a date night, add jewels and a slick of lipstick. Jeans, t-shirts and sandals have you covered for summer and denim and a trench coat will see you through winter.

Whilst it might be tempting to grab a pair of disposable jeans, spending that little bit extra on a designer jeans brand to ensure the fit is perfect and the quality is exceptional will ultimately, give you so much more back.

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