How To Buy Curvy Designer Jeans Online, According to a Fashion Expert

How To Buy Curvy Designer Jeans Online, According to a Fashion Expert

Online shopping has been a gift from the Gods for busy people all over the world but when it comes to clothes, it’s only really been a friend to those with typical measurements. If you are the exact proportions attributed to a dress size, then you’ll probably never understand the pain that comes with short leg lengths, baggy backs, too long hems or simply jeans that won’t fit because of something as soul-destroying as one little inch. However, if you are blessed with proportions that are a little off-piste, don’t have your Va Va Voom stomped on by e-stores – not when there are some very savvy ways to shop for luxury jeans that serve to flatter curvy girls of all shapes and sizes. Our fashion expert breaks it down you below – warning, shopping for curvy designer jeans might never be the same again.


1. Seek out stretch

Stretch plays a pivotal role in keeping the silhouette looking smooth (and denim in place). Seek out jeans with stretch, preferably with a minimum stretch content of 2% - which will present itself as ‘lycra’ or ‘elastane’.  A good amount of stretch will serve to ensure that waistlines stay up and that knees do not wrinkle, no matter how active. The stretch will also work with your shape to create a pair of curvy designer jeans that can take you through your entire day, no matter what you have planned. The comfort of stretch in jeans is all anyone needs.


2. Curvy denim brands

When looking to buy curvy designer jeans online, one of the first things to consider is how the jeans were created, designed and developed. Some denim brands will design jeans with curves in mind. This means that all grading has been done with a curvier mannequin, model and pattern, and not a typical sample size and then graded up. There are several ways to learn more about whether a denim brand does this, first up – check the about us section of the denim brand’s website, learn more about their grading and secondly (and more obviously) have a look at the model used in e-stores to model the jeans. If her body shape is polar opposites to yours, it’s unlikely the graded-up jeans are going to offer everything you need.


3. Be wary of the wash

When it comes to washes, not all are created equal. Firstly, sandblasting and whiskering on the thigh and booty only serves to draw attention to that area. On the flip side, an uber dark wash serves to streamline and slim. Similarly, detailing like diamantes, embroidery, and rivets are all attention grabbing so be careful of their position. Our advice? Keep it simple! 


4. In your pocket

When it comes to back pockets, the placement actually matters. In traditional denim manufacturing, pockets are not graded in accordance to size. This means that as the denim size increases, pockets do not - resulting in a pocket size that is unflattering for curves. Keep in mind that the smaller the pocket, the bigger the surface area will look. To enhance your derrière, look for back pockets that are proportionally sized while bearing in mind that the closer together they are – the smaller your assets will look.


There you have it, 4 areas to consider when shopping for your perfect pair of curvy designer jeans! Happy shopping


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