An Interview With Model Ali Tate: Body Confidence, Modeling, and 70's Fashion

An Interview With Model Ali Tate: Body Confidence, Modeling, and 70's Fashion

An Interview With Model Ali Tate: Body Confidence, Modeling, and 70's Fashion.

Model Ali Tate kicked off her modeling career after entering a curvy modeling competition while studying abroad in London. After finishing in the top three and securing a contract, Ali decided to leave her home in Northern California behind to pursue her career as a model. Before moving to London, soccer was her main focus. She gave up the sport for the vastly different world of modeling.  "I put soccer on the side, and have never looked back." she says, also mentioning the impact the sport has had on her. "I played soccer pretty much from the age of 5 till 20, which massively shaped the person I became!" Follow Ali's inspiring journey on Instagram.

Ali has been supporting Coco Cooper since our earliest days on social media. We talked to her about body confidence, her life as a model and her favorite denim styles.

What are you grateful for?

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How has your relationship with your body evolved?

My relationship with my body was the same as most girls I speak to. I started off hating it, thinking it was too large and manly and fat. For years my negative mindset about my body was all encompassing and affected so many parts of my life. But then, after I started plus size modeling, I saw so many girls with my shape. And they were (omg) still gorgeous!  I became empowered by them and now, I can happily say I love my body. There are obviously some things I get down about occasionally, I think like everyone. Especially being a model you see yourself up close and get so critical of everything you see. But for the most part, I love my body.


What’s the best part of your job? And what obstacles have you faced?

My favorite part of being a model is getting up on set. It's like a stage where I can become anyone I want. Modeling is a very creative job. But same with any job, there are drawbacks. The constant flying has proven to be hard for my health. I look tired a lot of the time and I can feel very depleted. It's also hard being a constant flake to your friends and family. The number of events I have had to miss because of the job is countless.


What advice do you have for those looking to be more body confident?

I feel like you can't tell someone to be more body confident because it's really such a psychological thing. But I DO think that seeing constant images of bigger beautiful women has a subconscious affect on women that is liberating. the more we see something in the mainstream, the more we accept it as normal. So for all those self-conscious women, follow curvy models on Instagram or Facebook, don't Just surround yourself with images of skinny women.


Who do you admire?

I admire strong women. I admire funny women. I admire sensitive men. I admire people who are true to themselves. I admire people who give more spiritual energy than they take.


What does your go-to denim outfit look like?

My fave denim outfit- a little off the shoulder top with some 1970s inspired high waisted flares, paired with a choker. Give me a Farrah Fawcet curl and I'm a happy girl.


Got the glorious backphat today wearing @cococooperdenim 👖

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