An Interview With Bree Warren: Body Diversity, Positivity and Coco Cooper Jeans

An Interview With Bree Warren: Body Diversity, Positivity and Coco Cooper Jeans

Bree Warren, an Australian native, has taken the plus-size industry by storm and has used her a platform to raise awareness of the importance of body diversity and body confidence. Bree Warren is considered an “inbetweenie” – those who fall in between the traditional sample sizes and plus sizes. However, this market is still relatively unknown in the fashion industry and is often overlooked – leaving Bree and millions of women around the world to be generalized as plus size. She is an advocate for body diversity and a role model for women around the globe, embodying health, confidence and radiating beauty. Check out her inspiring blog

We are so honored to have Bree Warren as the face of our launch! Check out our interview with Bree Warren below:


Bree Warren

A photo posted by BREE WARREN (@breekwarren) on Jul 5, 2016 at 6:43am PDT

What’s your favorite thing about being a model and body positive activist?

I love what I do. I never expected to be a model so I feel lucky to have the opportunity. It takes work and my crazy schedule can take its toll sometimes, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else now. I guess I like being the wildcard of sorts. My body type wasn’t accepted in fashion before so I think it’s cool that I’ve been able to make a career out of it.

What imprint/mark do you want to leave on young girls and women?

I really hope that the next generation of women will grow up seeing a variety of body types and shapes in fashion and in the media. It’s so important to be healthy and active but we are all built differently and I want young girls to know that’s ok.


Bree Warren x Coco Cooper

A photo posted by BREE WARREN (@breekwarren) on Jun 13, 2016 at 4:39am PDT

What advice can you give to young girls and women looking to be more body confident?

I think it has to start with how you feel. Positive attracts positive. Eating well and being active can do a lot for your mind, especially as a teenager. I guess the second thing is knowing that everyone has different body shapes. I am naturally bigger and broader, and I could never have a super tiny frame no matter how little I ate. It’s not about being underweight or overweight, it’s about showing and accepting a broader variety of body types.

Do you see the fashion world moving towards representing more diverse sizes?

Fashion is changing. There has been so many great things happening for body diversity in the last few years. I think social media has been the catalyst for a massive shift. These days fashion and the models themselves are so much more accessible. I find things I want to buy scrolling through Instagram and it’s not necessarily coming from the brand itself. It’s from influencers and most of the time regular people. Regular people hold a lot of power these days and I hope that’s the start of something bigger for body diversity. Size shouldn’t really matter in fashion. If something looks good then you want to buy it. Nobody cares about the size on the tag.

What did you love most about our Coco Cooper jeans?

They cater to my shape! I think it’s great that you guys are sending a positive message for hips and curves.

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Bree Warren wearing Coco Cooper

A photo posted by BREE WARREN (@breekwarren) on Apr 9, 2016 at 6:13pm PDT


Watch the interview with Bree Warren about body diversity with The Morning Show in Australia here.

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